• AI for transportation. Yorktown Heights, NY. Manager: Markus Ettl
    Research Intern May 2022 - Aug 2022

    • Design the pricing strategy for the tickets of different seats in the logistic network.
    • Develop the demand function of customers in a time-series framework.
    • Optimizing the prices based on the demand model in a time-series framework.
    • Verify the proposed methods using airline booking data.
  • Department of Supply Chain Optimization Technology. Seattle, WA. (Virtual)
    Research Scientist Intern June 2020 - August 2020

    • Developed the pricing strategy for used items sold at Amazon Warehouse
    • Adopted multinomial choice models and fit the demand function for different conditions of each item, assuming the common price elasticity across items within each group
    • Predicted the new arrival rate of used items with different conditions
    • Formulated the problem as a Markov Decision Process, and solve it by dynamic programming
    • Compared the new strategy with the benchmarks and estimate the improvement